Does storytelling for sustainability work? An experiment

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This chapter presents the results of a field experiment conducted in the attempt of closing the research gap on SusTelling effects. The study explored the effects of text-based storytelling among adults aged 18–24 years on situational interest, personal consumption-related, and sustainability-related engagement intentions. In addition, the study investigated interactions with personal characteristics, such as affinity for sustainability and level of education. This chapter starts with a description of the research problem, which highlights the lack of knowledge on how storytelling can activate participation in social transformation processes. It then reports on the field experiment and two follow-up group discussions, conducted to explore the hypothesized effects. Results showed no differences concerning the effects of SusTelling journalistic texts and classic reporting style on the dependent variables. These results confirm earlier studies that storytelling effects are strongly influenced by the characteristics of the participants, the communication medium, and the reception situation. Different interpretations of the results are described at the end of this chapter, followed by recommendations for future research.
TitelNarrating Sustainability through Storytelling
HerausgeberDaniel Fischer, Sonja Fücker, Hanna Selm, Anna Sundermann
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VerlagTaylor and Francis Inc.
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PublikationsstatusErschienen - 08.12.2022