Do Brands and Faces share the same Perceptual Space?

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Recent findings show that psychological mechanisms of perceiving
brands are similar to those of perceiving humans. In this research it
was investigated if brand perception–according to the two-dimensional model of Kervyn et al. (2012) – and face perception – according to the two-dimensional model of Oosterhof and Todorov
(2008) – share the same perceptual space. Therefore faces and
brands have been evaluated on both models and examined via
exploratory and confirmatory factor analysis. It was shown that both
brands and faces are perceived on a general evaluation dimension
and a strength/power dimension and, with that, share the same two
dimensional perceptual space. Implications of these findings for
advertising research and brand management are discussed.
ZeitschriftWorld review of business research
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PublikationsstatusErschienen - 2015