Digitalization of the Banking Industry: A Multiple Stakeholder Analysis on Strategic Alignment

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Today, enterprises from many industries experience that moving towards a digital business is a major challenge. The banking industry is heavily affected by the digital transformation as customers’ expectations drive the need for adapting strategies, processes and IT. So far, studies on the digitali
zation in the banking industry have either focused on the strategic level, the customer perspective or the internal perspective. In our study, we integrate the findings of previous studies for each perspective by employing a multiple-stakeholder analysis. The results show that the internal processes and IT systems are not yet ready for meeting the demands of the strategic and
customer perspective. The banks’ digital strategy is often well-aligned with the customer needs but both are weakly aligned with the internal organization and IT. Especially the low integration of IT and the low degree of process automation are identified as inhibiting factors for the digital agenda.
TitelAMCIS 2017 - America's Conference on Information Systems : A Tradition of Innovation
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VeranstaltungAmericas Conference on Information Systems - AMCIS 2017: A Tradition of Innovation - Boston, USA / Vereinigte Staaten
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