Design, Modeling and Control of an Over-actuated Hexacopter Tilt-Rotor

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  • Gabriel Oliveira Pimentel
  • Murillo Ferreira Dos Santos
  • Leonardo de Mello Honorio
  • Paolo Mercorelli
  • Mathaus Ferreira Da Silva
  • Antonio Paulo Gomes Mendes Moreira

This work presents the modeling, control, and simulation of a new Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) prototype, of an over-actuated Hexacopter Tilt-Rotor (HTR) type. Regarding its topology, 2 of the 6 actuators are independently tilted by servomotors. This possibility gives the HTR higher maneuver-ability and reliability. In this combination, every propulsion motor and servomotor has its Real Control Action (RCA) processed simply and with low computational cost procedures since the control allocation technique can be embedded even in traditional control boards. Furthermore, this control allocation will increase the vehicle's yaw capability and steering control. The control structure used is a cascaded loop of Proportional (P)-Proportional-Integral-Derivative (PID) controllers with the Successive Loop Closure (SLC), in all 5 manipulated Degrees of Freedom (DoF). The results conclude that flights presented reasonable stability and maneuverability.

TitelProceedings of the 2023 24th International Carpathian Control Conference, ICCC 2023
HerausgeberDaniel Drotos, Rabab Benotsmane, Attila Karoly Varga, Attila Trohak, Jozsef Vasarhelyi
Anzahl der Seiten6
VerlagInstitute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc.
ISBN (Print)979-8-3503-1023-8
ISBN (elektronisch)979-8-3503-1022-1
PublikationsstatusErschienen - 12.06.2023
Veranstaltung24th International Carpathian Control Conference - Sinaia, Rumänien
Dauer: 12.05.202314.05.2023
Konferenznummer: 24