Control system strategy of a modular omnidirectional AGV

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The design and theoretical justification of a two-wheel swerve drive system was discussed in Chapter 1. This chapter focuses on validating the previously discussed design to determine its viability in the “real world”. To achieve this goal, a set of tests was developed and their reasoning discussed. The results of these tests were used to validate the novel swerve drive system and prove its holonomic omnidirectional capabilities. Shortfalls of this system were identified, and possible mitigations were discussed for implementation on future generations of this system.

TitelModeling, Identification, and Control for Cyber- Physical Systems Towards Industry 4.0
HerausgeberPaolo Marcorelli, Weicun Zhang, Hamidreza Nemati, YuMing Zhang
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VerlagAcademic Press Inc.
ISBN (Print)9780323952088
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PublikationsstatusErschienen - 01.01.2024

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