An introductional lecture on chaotic systems through Lorenz attractor and forced Lotka Volterra equation for interdisciplinary education

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Is it possible to predict the future? How accurate is the prediction for the future? These questions are fascinating and intriguing ones in particular for young generations who look at their future with curiosity. For a long time, many have tried to quantitatively predict future behavior of systems more accurately with techniques such as time series analysis and derived dynamical models based on observed data. The paper proposes a lecture structure in which elements of chaos, which greatly impacts the predictive capabilities of dynamical models, are introduced through two classical examples of nonlinear dynamical systems, namely Lorenz attractor and Lotka-Volterra equations. In a possible lecture, these two structures are introduced in a basic and intuitive way, followed by equilibria analyses and Lyapunov control approaches. The paper intends to give a possible structure of an interdisciplinary lecture in chaotic systems, for all students in general and non-engineering students in particular, to kindle students' interest in challenging ideas and models. By presenting an intuitive learning-based approach and the results of the implementation, the paper contributes to the discourse on interdisciplinary education. The lecture is a part of a course within a Complementary Study at Leuphana Unversity of Lüneburg. The material which inspired the proposed lecture structure is taken from the scripts of the Master Complementary Course titled Modelling and Control of Dynamical Systems using Linear and Nonlinear Differential Equations held at Leuphana University of Lüneburg. © 2022 SEFI 2022 - 50th Annual Conference of the European Society for Engineering Education, Proceedings. All rights reserved.
TitelSEFI 2022 - 50th Annual Conference of the European Society for Engineering Education, Proceedings
Herausgeber Hannu-Matti  Jarvinen, Santiago Silvestre, Ariadna Llorens , Balazs Vince Nagy
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VerlagUniversitat Politecnica de Catalunya
ISBN (elektronisch)978-841232226-2
PublikationsstatusErschienen - 01.09.2022
VeranstaltungSEFI 50th Annual Conference - Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya · BarcelonaTech (UPC), Barcelona, Spanien
Dauer: 19.09.202222.09.2022
Konferenznummer: 50