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  1. 2023
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    Fossil footprints at the late lower Paleolithic site of Schöningen (Germany): A new line of research to reconstruct animal and hominin paleoecology

    Altamura, F., Lehmann, J., Rodríguez-Álvarez, B., Urban, B., van Kolfschoten, T., Verheijen, I., Conard, N. J. & Serangeli, J., 15.06.2023, in: Quaternary Science Reviews. 310, 108094.

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  3. 2022
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    Neanderthals in changing environments from MIS 5 to early MIS 4 in northern Central Europe – Integrating archaeological, (chrono)stratigraphic and paleoenvironmental evidence at the site of Lichtenberg

    Weiss, M., Hein, M., Urban, B., Stahlschmidt, M. C., Heinrich, S., Hilbert, Y. H., Power, R. C., von Suchodoletz, H., Terberger, T., Böhner, U., Klimscha, F., Veil, S., Breest, K., Schmidt, J., Colarossi, D., Tucci, M., Frechen, M., Tanner, D. C. & Lauer, T., 15.05.2022, in: Quaternary Science Reviews. 284, 107519.

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  5. 2018
  6. Erschienen

    The Project Schöningen from an ecological and cultural perspective

    Serangeli, J., Rodríguez-Álvarez, B., Tucci, M., Verheijen, I., Bigga, G., Böhner, U., Urban, B., van Kolfschoten, T. & Conard, N. J., 15.10.2018, in: Quaternary Science Reviews. 198, S. 140-155 16 S.

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  7. 2015
  8. Erschienen

    Combining charcoal sediment and molecular markers to infer a Holocene fire history in the Maya Lowlands of Petén, Guatemala

    Schüpbach, S., Kirchgeorg, T., Colombaroli, D., Beffa, G., Radaelli, M., Kehrwald, N. & Barbante, C., 01.05.2015, in: Quaternary Science Reviews. 115, S. 123-131 9 S.

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  9. 1984
  10. Correlation of Plio-Pleistocene deposits of the Lower Rhine Basin (North-West Germany) and the Valle Ricca pits (Central Italy)

    Arias, C., Bigazzi, G., Bonadonna, F., Brunnacker, K. & Urban, B., 1984, in: Quaternary Science Reviews. 3, 1, S. 73-89 17 S.

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