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  1. 2022
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    Solketal as a renewable fuel component in ternary blends with biodiesel and diesel fuel or HVO and the impact on physical and chemical properties

    Türck, J., Singer, A., Lichtinger, A., Almaddad, M., Türck, R., Jakob, M., Garbe, T., Ruck, W. & Krahl, J., 15.02.2022, in: Fuel. 310, Part C, 122463.

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  3. 2015
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    Aging studies of biodiesel and HVO and their testing as neat fuel and blends for exhaust emissions in heavy-duty engines and passenger cars

    Singer, A., Schroeder, O., Pabst, C., Munack, A., Buenger, J., Ruck, W. & Krahl, J., 01.08.2015, in: Fuel. 153, S. 595-603 9 S.

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  5. 2014
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    Influences of entrainers to engine oil to improve the drag-out of biodiesel: Experiments and simulations

    Mäder, A., Zimon, A., Fleischmann, A., Munack, A., Ruck, W. & Krahl, J., 01.01.2014, in: Fuel. 117, PART A, S. 488-498 11 S.

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