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  1. 2022
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    The Adaptive Test of Emotion Knowledge for 3-to 9-Year-Olds: Psychometric Properties and Validity

    Voltmer, K. & Salisch, M., 08.07.2022, in: Frontiers in Psychiatry. 13, 19 S., 901304.

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    Engaging Refugees With a Culturally Adapted Digital Intervention to Improve Sleep: A Randomized Controlled Pilot Trial

    Spanhel, K., Hovestadt, E., Lehr, D., Spiegelhalder, K., Baumeister, H., Bengel, J. & Sander, L. B., 23.02.2022, in: Frontiers in Psychiatry. 13, 13 S., 832196.

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  4. 2020
  5. Bed-Sharing in Couples Is Associated With Increased and Stabilized REM Sleep and Sleep-Stage Synchronization

    Drews, H. J., Wallot, S., Brysch, P., Berger-Johannsen, H., Weinhold, S. L., Mitkidis, P., Baier, P. C., Lechinger, J., Roepstorff, A. & Göder, R., 25.06.2020, in: Frontiers in Psychiatry. 11, 12 S., 583.

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  6. 2019
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    Internet- and App-Based Stress Intervention for Distance-Learning Students With Depressive Symptoms: Protocol of a Randomized Controlled Trial

    Harrer, M., Apolinario-Hagen, J., Fritsche, L., Druege, M., Krings, L., Beck, K., Salewski, C., Zarski, A-C., Lehr, D., Baumeister, H. & Ebert, D. D., 21.05.2019, in: Frontiers in Psychiatry. 10, MAY, 13 S., 361.

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  8. 2018
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    Transdiagnostic tailored internet- and mobile-based guided treatment for major depressive disorder and comorbid anxiety: Study protocol of a randomized controlled trial

    Weisel, K. K., Zarski, A. C., Berger, T., Schaub, M. P., Krieger, T., Moser, C. T., Berking, M. & Ebert, D. D., 04.07.2018, in: Frontiers in Psychiatry. 9, JUL, 274.

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    Efficacy of internet-based guided treatment for genito-pelvic pain/penetration disorder: Rationale, treatment protocol, and design of a randomized controlled trial

    Zarski, A. C., Berking, M. & Ebert, D. D., 22.01.2018, in: Frontiers in Psychiatry. 8, JAN, 12 S., 260.

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