Agricultural and Forest Meteorology, ‎0168-1923

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  1. 2022
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    Effects of tree diversity on canopy space occupation vary with tree size and canopy space definition in a mature broad-leaved forest

    Georgi, L., Kunz, M., Fichtner, A., Bienert, A., Maas, H-G. & von Oheimb, G., 15.08.2022, in: Agricultural and Forest Meteorology. 323, 109055.

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  3. 2015
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    Throughfall kinetic energy in young subtropical forests: Investigation on tree species richness effects and spatial variability

    Goebes, P., Seitz, S., Kühn, P., Li, Y., Niklaus, P. A., Oheimb, G. V. & Scholten, T., 15.11.2015, in: Agricultural and Forest Meteorology. 213, S. 148-159 12 S.

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  5. 2012
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    Impact of tree saplings on the kinetic energy of rainfall: The importance of stand density, species identity and tree architecture in subtropical forests in China

    Geißler, C., Lang, A. C., Oheimb, G., Härdtle, W., Baruffol, M. & Scholten, T., 15.04.2012, in: Agricultural and Forest Meteorology. 156, S. 31-40 10 S.

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