art thinking doing art

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Sandra Neugärtner - Organisator*in

The conference “art thinking doing art. Artistic Practices in Educational Contexts from 1900 to Today” opens a historical as well as contemporary investigation of the interrelationships between art education, art production and ideological contexts. With contributions from scholars from twelve different countries, this project takes a uniquely broad perspective on the question of art education by also epistemologically situating the process of “knowledgization” * in broader discussions on the (inter-)materiality, (counter-)institutionality, (trans-)disciplinarity of artistic practices, and by using empirical case studies to examine their historical dimension in diverse geopolitical contexts for the period from ca. 1900 to the present.
art thinking doing art


art thinking doing art: Artistic Practices in Educational Contexts From 1900 to Today


Berlin, Berlin, Deutschland

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