The Hanoverian Supply Chain Model: modelling the impact of production planning and control on a supply chain's logistic objectives

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Within production planning and control (PPC) complex interdependencies are present. Companies have to deal with fields of tension created by frequently opposing logistic objectives. Conducting an active and expedient positioning within the conflicts between the logistic objectives is of utmost strategic importance. This paper presents an approach for modelling the impact of tasks of production planning and control on a supply chain’s logistic objectives. A production planning and control framework is thus established. First of all the PPC tasks are described universally valid. Moreover the framework contains systems of logistic objectives for the core processes of a company’s internal supply chain showing the interdependencies and highlighting existing fields of tension. Quantitative logistic models are located within the framework, so that they can be used for calculating values for PPC parameters and moreover for positioning the production within the indicated fields of tension. In addition a case study is introduced to illustrate the use of the approach in industry.
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JournalProduction Engineering
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Publication statusPublished - 01.10.2017
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This paper presents results of the project “Integrative Logistics Model for Linking Planning and Control Tasks with Logistical Target and Control Variables of the Company’s Internal Supply Chain” (SCHM-2624/4-1), funded by the German Research Foundation (DFG) and currently being conducted at the Institute of Production Systems and Logistics.

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