Realisation de materiaux alternatifs a base de semi-conducteurs: Etude de nanocavites en vue de la realisation de materiaux a base de semi-conducteurs pour application aux cellules solaires

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In this french book, the aim is to study thermal annealing of silicium to understand the micro-structure of particle, especially the radius growth. The nanocavities created during this thermal healing is important to improve the caracteristics of solar cell based semiconductors. Using numerical calculations and code we write in DevC++, the results show great agreement with the literature and explain real phenomenon by the oswald ripening mechanism.
Original languageFrench
PublisherÉditions Universitaires Européenes
Number of pages60
ISBN (Print)6131590885, 978-6131590887
Publication statusPublished - 11.08.2011

Bibliographical note

Since 2003 after obtaining my degree scientific, my curiosity about why things, the workings of nature led me to study physical sciences sev-sanctioned few years later by a degree in physics. seek to understand the intrinsic mechanisms of the material I was oriented materials science where I got my postgraduate diploma in 2009. Although fascinated by experiments, our laboratory equipment is very limited I hardly leave the choice to molecular simulation from which I try to redo the digital experience growth mechanisms of nanoparticles in substrates silicon. This work would not have been possible without the efforts of Dr. Annie B. Wakata who followed me to end it. Studies are highly advanced in materials and optimization of this work could solve the problems of optoelectronics and medicine in the world.