Internetbasierte Resilienzförderung und Prävention psychischer Erkrankungen

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  • Dirk Lehr
  • Angela Kunzler
  • Isabella Helmreich
  • Dörte Behrendt
  • Andrea Chmitorz
  • Klaus Lieb

Background: Resilience is associated with a positive and resource-oriented perspective. Therefore, it seems especially attractive for health promotion and prevention. In recent years, interventions to foster resilience have been increasingly developed, which train resilience factors and are mainly conducted in a face to face group format. Objective: The question is raised what potential internet-based interventions (i-interventions) that train resilience factors have for health promotion and prevention. Material and methods: Based on a narrative overview, the possibilities for i‑interventions that train resilience factors for health promotion and prevention are investigated and the state of research is described. Results: The effects of the i‑interventions presented here, which aim at fostering resilience, on measures of mental health and well-being are heterogeneous and vary between low to high effects. Stronger evidence for the efficacy of these measures exists for more general i‑interventions that also train resilience factors but are conceptualized for the prevention of specific disorders, such as depression or for stress reduction. Discussion: Given the heterogeneous nature of intervention contents, theoretical foundations and therapeutic methods used, the heterogeneity of the evidence is discussed. In addition, perspectives for the further development of resource-oriented resilience interventions are outlined.

Translated title of the contributionInternet-based resilience training and prevention of mental disorders
Original languageGerman
JournalDer Nervenarzt
Issue number7
Pages (from-to)766-772
Number of pages7
Publication statusPublished - 01.07.2018

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  • Psychology - eMental health , Face to face group format, Health promotion, Internet interventions, Resilience training