Denn die Geschichten der Opfer sind das Wichtigste: Rassismus-kritische Analysen zu rechter Gewalt im deutschen Spiel- und Dokumentarfilm 1992-2012

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  • Julia Stegmann
The analysed films in this volume play an important part roll in the discourses about racism and right-wing violence. Lots of them are focussing on perpetrators while marginalising or totally blocking out the victims. Instead of showing racism as a dominant powerrelation, which structures society, it is shown as an individual bias caused by bad living conditions. This text argues for a change in perspective on the one hand towards the people affected by racism and right-wing violence and their expertise, on the other hand towards everyday- and structural racism. This change is already visible in some tv-production but so far it is rare in cinema.
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Publication statusPublished - 2019

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