Crowdsourcing: Global search and the twisted roles of consumers and producers

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Crowdsourcing spreads and morphs quickly, shaping areas as diverse as creating, organizing, and sharing knowledge; producing digital artifacts; providing services involving tangible assets; or monitoring and evaluating. Crowdsourcing as sourcing by means of ‘global search’; yields four types of values for sourcing actors: creative expertise, critical items, execution capacity, and bargaining power. It accesses cheap excess capacities at the work realm’;s margins, channeling them toward production. Provision and utilization of excess capacities rationalize society while intimately connecting to a broader societal trend twisting consumers’; and producers’; roles: leading toward ‘working consumers’; and ‘consuming producers’; and shifting power toward the latter. Similarly, marketers using crowdsourcing’;s look and feel to camouflage traditional approaches to bringing consumers under control preserve producer power.

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