AI-Workshop | Arificial intelligence in production companies

Project: Transfer (R&D project)

Project participants


In the course of digitizing production, a lot of data, some of it very heterogeneous, is recorded. This data can only be analyzed with great effort using classic data processing methods. However, this data offers great potential, for example, to optimize operational processes or to initiate a continuous data-supported improvement of production and logistics processes. Approaches from the context of artificial intelligence offer very promising opportunities for companies to leverage this potential. However, SMEs in particular still face considerable barriers to the implementation of AI approaches.
The AI Workshop is therefore intended to serve as a platform for exchange between industry and science as well as between companies themselves. The AI Workshop will create a framework for the transfer of knowledge and research results as well as a test environment for AI applications. Various hybrid workshop formats are envisaged in the AI workshop and in participating companies. Participating companies will analyze and evaluate existing data in their companies together with scientists and derive which artificial intelligence approaches can be used. These are tested in the AI workshop and then transferred to the companies. The companies are enabled to evaluate their own data and to create and implement their own AI roadmap.

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