FFB e-learning offer

Project: Research

Project participants

  • Merz, Joachim (Project manager, academic)
  • Felchner, Mirko (Project manager, academic)
  • Hillebrecht, Hauke (Project manager, academic)
  • Schlüter, Hanno (Project manager, academic)
  • Stolze, Henning (Project manager, academic)


 With our new e-learning project on statistics we pursue several goals: On the one hand, it is intended to offer a further in-depth study of statistics. On the other hand, it should lead to a relief of the fully occupied tutorials and thus enable a deepening of the content also in the tutorials. In addition, we want to make our experience with explicit descriptions of e-learning creation available to other developers. For this purpose, we have first of all compiled existing e-learning offers (programs, Internet platforms, etc.). Based on this, we have decided on the approach of providing an audiovisual presentation with task solutions. Central components are the content concept (parameter tests as a part of Statistics II: Probability Theory and Inductive Statistics) and the technical (hardware and software) implementation of the project. Subsequently, the e-learning project was evaluated by the students on the basis of a questionnaire survey. One result: Overall, two-thirds of the students took advantage of the offer and predominantly rated it as good. They expressed the wish to offer the e-learning units as a supplement, but not as a replacement of conventional tutorials. In the period under review, our e-learning offering was successfully used in teaching and was decisively further developed: A new e-learning platform was developed, which can be expanded with various content modules. In addition, the existing e-learning units were now also made available to students via the virtual teaching and learning platform Moodle. Currently we were able to integrate the following sub-modules in our e-learning platform - also thanks to the support from the tuition fees - and update Correlation Linear Regression (descriptive) Linear Regression (stochastic) Parameter Tests. These modules are available to students and other users of the university with immediate effect. We would like to thank our former colleague, Dr. Henning Stolze, for the realization of this project, the study commission and especially the students for successfully supporting this project for an improved learning structure. Through the event "Statistics for All" we have reached about 1600 students of the Leuphana Semester since the SS 2011 and thus about 80-90% of all new students. You can already deepen and practice the area of correlation with the corresponding sub-module for the current lecture. In addition, the other Bachelor and Master students from FFB courses already have their individual access. The individual access allows the saving of individual notes, the individual step-by-step procedure and much more, and is then available for each user individually on the Internet at any time.