Affect- and Psychotechnolog Studies. Emergent Technologies of Affective and Emotional (Self-)Control

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The scientific network ¿Affect- and Psychotechnology Studies¿ brings together researchers from such diverse fields as media studies, philosophy and psychology. Its goal is to investigate the current change of the techno-medial conditions of affectivity and its as yet undetermined sociopolitical repercussions. Newly established subjects of discussion like Affective Computing, Affective Gaming, Surveillance Technologies and the Quantified-Self-Movement postulate, develop and implement technologies for collecting, storing, measuring, categorising, cataloguing, operationalising, simulating and ultimately inducing affects. Only a multidisciplinary perspective allows it to understand the fundamental change of conditions under which individuals and societies regulate, mediatise and likely also utilise affects as a governmental strategy (corresponding to certain forms of authority). The network aims to survey and summarise the relevant debates that are scattered across a variety of disciplines in order to prepare for future projects and the institutionalisation of ¿Affect- and Psychotechnology Studies¿. The results of the network¿s discussions and research will be published in an edited volume.