Value creation through business models - A stakeholder perspective

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Birte Freudenreich - Speaker

Florian Lüdeke-Freund - Speaker

Stefan Schaltegger - Speaker

Business models are developed and managed according to the value they are meant to create. While many business model concepts focus on the value creation for customers and, in turn, for the business’s owners, this article presents a broader view. Based on the analysis of existing business
model concepts from a stakeholder perspective, this paper develops a business model framework that captures the value creation for a wide range of stake
holders and offers the possibility to analyse related sustainability implications. This new perspective on business models provides opportunities for further
in-depth analysis of the value created through business models and allows businesses to design or transform their business models in line with their sustainability ambitions.


GRONEN research conference 2016 - GRONEN 2016


Hamburg, Germany

Event: Conference