The Public is Fine With Us: Idealized Value Mergers in Top Management

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Timo Meynhardt - Speaker

    How do top-managers cognize on their organizations' role in the societal environment? As of today, we lack sufficient psychometric data about such perceived impact on society. In this paper, data from top managers from 40 organizations (half private, half public) are presented. In our empirical study we applied a version of the
    Kelly-Grid to elicit managerial cognitions. The richness of constructs points to a broad awareness of distinct impacts on society. The study also shows that subjects tend to assume that "the wider public" does not differentiate between distinct value dimensions and is basically "in line" with the top management views - unless the organization is confronted with concrete public critique. This phenomenon of "idealized value merger" is interpreted from different theoretical viewpoints.


    29th Strategic Management Society (SMS) Annual International Conference


    Washington DC, Germany

    Event: Conference