Gesellschaft für interdisziplinäre Bildwissenschaft e.V. (External organisation)

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Rainer Höger - Member

    The Society for Interdisciplinary Image Science e.V. (GIB) has set itself the task of promoting interdisciplinary image science as an independent basic discipline and firmly anchoring it in universities. In order to achieve this, it aims to collaborate with individuals, organisations and institutions from interested disciplines and fields of study in the field of imaging as well as to continuously develop the methodology and methods of interdisciplinary image science. In particular, the Society supports interdisciplinary research projects of its members within the scope of its possibilities. The members are regularly informed about the status and developments of the GIB.

    The Society with all its members would like to fulfil exclusively selfless and directly non-profit purposes and thus enable the further development and safeguarding of an interdisciplinary image science. (Quote GIB)