The Sharing Turn: Why We are Generally Nice and Have a Good Chance to Cooperate our Way Out of the Mess We Have Gotten Ourselves Into

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After a period of neoliberal blind faith in the power of economic self-interest and of austerity to tackle its catastrophic effects, we are re-discovering our more pleasant sides. There is currently a surge of interest in sharing – in research in various developmental sciences, in popular debate and most of all in practice. This paper proposes that our society is undergoing a Sharing Turn that has its roots in human nature and in cultural history, is media-technologically enabled by networked computers and is fueled by the rising anger over societal systems that fail to serve the public interest. It attempts to set out some of the roots, diverse manifestations and dynamics of this para- digmatic shift, and it expresses hope that the ‘trending’ values of sharing and cooperating will change the world for the better.
TitelMedia, Knowledge and Education: Cultures and Ethics of Sharing : Medien - Wissen - Bildung: Kulturen und Ethiken des Teilens
HerausgeberWolfgang Sützl, Felix Stalder, Ronald Maier, Theo Hug
Anzahl der Seiten18
Verlaginnsbruck university press
ISBN (Print)978-3-902811-74-5
PublikationsstatusErschienen - 2012

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