The ground beetle tribe Trechini in Israel and adjacent regions

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Based on the study of approximately 700 specimens, we give an overview of the systematics and taxonomy, distribution, dispersal power, and habitat preference of the ground beetles belonging to the tribe Trechini in Israel. We provide an identification key to all Trechini species in Israel (and the adjacent regions in Lebanon, Syria, Jordan and Egypt), supported by photographs of species with verifiable records. Trechus dayanae spec. nov., a member of the Trechus austriacus group, is described from the Golan Heights and Mount Hermon. The new species is similar to Trechus pamphylicus but can be distinguished by its colour, microsculpture, length of antennae, shape of pronotum, and characteristics of the aedeagus. Type material of Trechus labruleriei and Trechus libanenis was studied and photographed. The species rank of T. labruleriei (stat. nov.) is re-established. At least five species of Trechini occur in Israel (Perileptus stierlini, Trechus crucifer, T. quadristriatus, T. dayanae spec. nov., and T. saulcyanus); for three further species (Perileptus areolatus, Trechoblemus micros, Trechus labruleriei) we are not aware of any verifiable records, but past, or current, occurrence of the species is possible; the published record of Trechus libanensis from Israel was, beyond a doubt, a misidentification.
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