The ground beetle supertribe zuphiitae in the southern levant: (Coleoptera, carabidae)

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  • Kevin Austin
  • Jörn Buse
  • Vladimir Chikatunov
  • Claudia Drees
  • Ron F. F. L. Felix
  • Ariel Leib Leonid Friedman
  • Fares Khoury
  • Ittai Renan
  • Constantin Schmidt
  • David W. Wrase
  • Thorsten Aßmann
  • Tamar Marcus
  • Estève Boutaud

Based on the study of approximately 400 specimens, we give an overview of the systematics and taxonomy, distribution, dispersal power, and habitat preferences of the carabids belonging to the tribes Anthiini, Helluonini, Dryptini, and Zuphiini in the southern Levant (Egypt: Sinai, Israel and Jordan). We provide identification keys for the members of the given taxa in this region. Eleven species of the Zuphi-itae sensu Ober & Maddison (2008) have previously been published from the southern Levant. Our study with rigorous examinations of verifiable records up-dated the known distribution ranges of six species, though the total number of species which occur in the given region remains eleven. - The following two new species are described: Zuphium orbachi spec. nov., which is similar to Zuphium nu­ midicum Lucas, 1846, but differs in its elongate body shape, specific form of aedea-gus and further characters. Parazuphium salmoni spec. nov., a microphthalmic spe-cies from the superficial underground compartment or in deep soil horizons in the Upper Galilee, has robust antennae and legs, but has an aedeagus similar to that of P. chevrolatii Castelnau de Laporte, 1833. -We compiled a list of the 24 known subterranean Zuphiini species (including Parazuphium salmoni spec. nov.), all are restricted to the subtropical and tropical zones. - The following taxonomic acts are proposed: Anthia (Thermophilum) sexmaculata marginata Latreille, 1823, stat. rest.; Zuphium axaridis Iablokoff-Khnzorian, 1972, syn. nov. of Zuphium cilicium Peyron, 1858; Zuphium olens kochi Schatzmayr, 1936, syn. nov. of Zuphium olens (P. Rossi, 1790) (colour variation). - We present first records of: Macrocheilus saulcyi Chevro-lat, 1854 for Jordan; Zuphium olens (P. Rossi, 1790) for Jordan; Zuphium cilicium Peyron, 1858 for Iran; Zuphium fuscum Gory, 1931 for Yemen; Parazuphium chevrolatii (Castelnau de Laporte, 1833) for Greece; Parazuphium damascenum (Fairmaire, 1897) for Cyprus, Greece and Syria; Polistichus fasciolatus (P. Rossi, 1790) for Israel.

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PublikationsstatusErschienen - 01.12.2015