The evolution of primate short-term memory

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  • ManyPrimates
  • Géraud Aguenouno
  • Matthias Allritz
  • Drew M. Altschul
  • Sébastien Ballesta
  • Alice Beaud
  • Manuel Bohn
  • Sally Bornbusch
  • Angela Brandão
  • James Brooks
  • Thomas Bugnyar
  • Léa Bustamante
  • Josep Call
  • Charlotte Canteloup
  • Kai Caspar
  • Sarah Detroy
  • Shona J. Duguid
  • Timothy M. Eppley
  • Claudia Fichtel
  • Julia Fischer
  • Chi Gong
  • James A. Grang
  • Nicholas M. Grebe
  • Daniel Hanus
  • Daniel B.M. Haun
  • Lou M. Haux
  • Yseult Héjja - Brichard
  • Annabella Helman
  • Istvan Hernadi
  • R. Adriana Hernandez-Aguilar
  • Esther Herrmann
  • Lydia M. Hopper
  • Lauren H. Howard
  • Lei Huang
  • Sarah M. Huskisson
  • Ivo Jacobs
  • Zhiyong Jin
  • Marine Joly
  • Fumihiro Kano
  • Stefanie Keupp
  • Evelin Kiefer
  • Balázs Knakker
  • Katalin Kóczán
  • Larissa Kraus
  • Sze Chai Kwok
  • Marie Lefrançois
  • Laura Lewis
  • Siyi Liu
  • Miquel Llorente
  • Elizabeth Lonsdorf
  • Louise Loyant
Short-term memory is implicated in a range of cognitive abilities and is critical for understanding primate cognitive evolution. To investigate the effects of phylogeny, ecology and sociality on short-term memory ability, we tested 421 non-human primates across 41 species in a pre-registered, experimental delayed-response task. Our results confirm previous findings that longer delays decrease memory performance across species and taxa. Our analyses demonstrate a considerable contribution of phylogeny over ecological and social factors on the distribution of short-term memory performance in primates; closely related species had more similar short-term memory abilities. However, interdependencies between phylogeny and socioecology of a given species present an obstacle to disentangling the effects of each of these factors on the evolution of short-term memory capacity. The dataset corresponding to the study is freely accessible and constitutes an important resource for studying the evolution of primate cognition.
ZeitschriftAnimal Behavior and Cognition
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PublikationsstatusErschienen - 05.12.2021
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