TERIM – Transition Dynamics in Energy Regions: An Integrated Model for Sustainable Policies

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  • Claudia R. Binder
  • Iris Absenger-Helmli
  • Katja Bedenik
  • Emile Chappin
  • Gerard Dijkema
  • Alessandra Goetz
  • Maria Hecher
  • Christof Knoeri
  • Ulli Vilsmaier
Energy regions are claimed to play a key role for the transition of the energy system. They are regional initiatives which usually envision energy self-sufficiency by using regional energy sources and building a decentralized energy infrastructure. This project analyzes and models energy transitions of two Austrian energy regions: ökoEnergieland, district Güssing and Energieregion Weiz-Gleisdorf. These regions were selected because they show significant differences in their initial conditions, applied strategies and tran-sition processes. Furthermore, in both regions efforts to foster a transition towards a sustainable energy region started in the 90ties, providing data as well as committed stakeholders for collaboration.
TitelTagungsband 15. Klimatag : 2.–4. April 2014
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VerlagUniversität Innsbruck
ISBN (elektronisch)978-3-9503778-0-4
PublikationsstatusErschienen - 2014
Veranstaltung15. Österreichischer Klimatag 2014 - Universität Innsbruck , Innsbruck, Österreich
Dauer: 02.04.201404.04.2014
Konferenznummer: 15