Slowing resource loops in the clothing industry through Circular Business Model Experimentation

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The fashion industry is characterised by downward pressures on prices, fast consumption, and a high ‘disposability factor’, where textiles and clothing have become consumables rather than durables. Circular Economy, focused on slowing, closing and narrowing resource loops provides a promising approach to tackle these issues. This chapter explores how a large retailer can incorporate the more challenging strategies of the Circular Economy, those focused on slowing resource loops, in their business model. The chapter provides an in-depth case study of a large international clothing retailer embarking on a journey of circular business model experimentation. An iterative process is presented as well as opportunities and barriers associated with slow consumption business models as part of the business model experimentation process. Based on this, suggestions for researchers, policy makers and practitioners are made to address slow consumption as part of business models.
TitelSustainable Fashion in a Circular Economy
HerausgeberKirsi Niinimäki
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VerlagAalto ARTS Books
ISBN (Print)978-952-60-0089-3
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PublikationsstatusErschienen - 11.2018