Simulation-based Investigation of Energy Flexibility in the Optimization of Hinterland Drainage

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This study investigates the synchronization of pumping operations with dynamic energy prices in hinterland drainage systems. Employing mathematical models and optimization techniques, the research systematically evaluates the inherent flexibility within regular pumping operations. While traditional approaches often focus solely on tidal dynamics to enhance energy efficiency, this study introduces a more comprehensive perspective. Beyond the conventional scope, it incorporates a nuanced analysis of electricity price patterns, aiming to promote grid-friendly behavior and foster an adaptive and efficient response to fluctuating energy availabilities. By delving into these complex interplays, the research not only deepens the understanding of hinterland drainage system dynamics but also proposes an approach for robust and sustainable operational practices. Moreover, the holistic approach aligns with the broader objective of reducing CO2 emissions, reflecting a commitment to environmentally responsible infrastructure management. Through this balanced exploration of operational optimization potentials, the research contributes to the scientific discourse on energy efficient and environmentally conscious practices in hinterland drainage systems.
ZeitschriftSimulation Notes Europe
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PublikationsstatusErschienen - 2024
VeranstaltungASIM STS, GMMS & EDU Workshop - Universität Magdeburg, Magdeburg, Deutschland
Dauer: 06.03.202307.03.2023