The Need for Healthy Leadership in the Health Care Sector: Consideration of Specific Conditions for Implementation

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Because of various demographic changes, the health care sector is currently
facing increasing demands and decreasing resources, which is leading to increasingly greater demands on nurses and compromises in patients’ quality of care. These upcoming changes as well as sector-specific frameworks are affecting leadership in the health care sector and resulting in certain requirements for leaders. As there is considerable evidence that leadership has a positive influence on employees’ health, it seems reasonable to take leaders into account when considering the increasing demands on nurses. Healthy leadership aims to support employees’ health and be an adequate instrument for health promotion in the work-place. In addition to a healthy leadership style, leaders have to consider the specific circumstances of the sector, mainly legal regulations and limited resources. New techniques for leadership development and implementation of health promotion in the work-place may be necessary to enable health care companies to combat these restrictions. This chapter gives an overview of current and future challenges in the health care sector and describes how leaders can address these challenges by having healthy leadership styles and taking sector-specific conditions into account.
TitelHealthy at Work : Interdisciplinary Perspectives
Redakteure/-innenMarkus Wiencke, Mirella Cacace, Sebastian Fischer
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