Results from the project 'Acceptance of CO2 capture and storage: economics, policy and technology (ACCSEPT)'

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  • Jason Anderson
  • Joana Chiavari
  • Heleen de Coninck
  • Simon Shackley
  • Gudmundur Sigurthorsson
  • Todd Flach
  • David Reiner
  • Paul Upham
  • Peter Richardson
  • Paul Curnow

ACCSEPT was a two-year research project (2005-2007) funded under the 6th research framework programme of the European Commission. The project leader was Det Norske Veritas (DNV), and the partners were Baker and McKenzie, the Energy Research Centre of the Netherlands (ECN), the Institute for European Environmental Policy (IEEP), Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research, and Judge Business School of the University of Cambridge. There were three main focuses of the project: a Europe-wide survey of stakeholders and their opinions on CCS; stakeholder consultation through two workshops; and research into the economics, regulation, legal and social aspects of CCS. The project website is, where all the outputs and related material can be found. This paper summarizes the conclusions of the work.

ZeitschriftEnergy Procedia
Seiten (von - bis)4649-4653
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PublikationsstatusErschienen - 02.2009
Extern publiziertJa