The impact of systemic innovations for transforming transplant systems. Lessons learned from the German lung transplantation system: A qualitative study

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The aim of this paper is to demonstrate the potential of the systemic innovations approach for transforming transplantation systems. It explores potential leverage points for intervening in the LTx-system as well as possible paths of transformation. We present possible transition pathways giving the example of the German Lung transplantation system that teeters on the brink of collapse due to system failures and organ scarcity and illustrate systemic innovations as core mechanisms for systems change in health systems. Desk research and semi-structured experts interviews provided qualitative data for a deductive-inductive coding and a rigorous qualitative content analysis of the data. Depending on the systemic innovations chosen to achieve systems change, transplant systems follow different transformational paths: from a collapse to a leapfrogging towards a non-human transplantation system. Thus, global health areas like transplantation benefit from analysis on systemic innovations as these support researchers, public policy and regulators by developing transformative strategies in healthcare systems.
ZeitschriftHealth Systems
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  • Betriebswirtschaftslehre - systemic innovations, transplantations system, transformation, lung allocation score, Health care system, Lung transplantations system