Public reactions to the promotion of nanotechnologies in society

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  • Sabine Könninger
  • Ingrid Ott
  • Torben Zülsdorf
  • Christian Papilloud

What would be the reactions of the public if nanotechnologies do not contribute to the economic growth and societal well-being? Similar questions have led philosophers, cultural and social scientists to explore the ethical and societal implications of nanotechnologies. They often call for more realistic expectations with regard to the promotion of nanotechnologies in society. If governments, firms and scientists have taken this argument into account, they still emphasise that nothing should hinder the nanotechnological innovation process. How would citizens react to such a promotional strategy of governments, firms, scientists? To address this question, we have conducted a comparative survey in March and December 2008 among people living in the cities of Grenoble (France), and Hamburg (Germany). Our results show that French and German interviewees react with scepticism towards the promotion of nanotechnologies in society. Significantly different motivations legitimise their scepticism, as well as their different image of nanotechnologies.

ZeitschriftInternational Journal of Nanotechnology
Seiten (von - bis)265-279
Anzahl der Seiten15
PublikationsstatusErschienen - 01.2010