Prediction of the tool change point in a polishing process using a modular software framework

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A modular framework ensuring zero defect manufacturing developed for applications in different production processes was successfully tested on a polishing machine. Algorithms, predicting the optimal time to change the tools, were deployed to the framework and showed reproducible results under similar polishing conditions. Due to the modular software framework the algorithms, can be easily adjusted and changed, enabling the system to self-improve over time with minimal effort. The algorithms have been implemented into an embedded system.

ZeitschriftProcedia CIRP
Seiten (von - bis)341-345
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PublikationsstatusErschienen - 2020
VeranstaltungCIRP Conference on INTELLIGENT COMPUTATION IN MANUFACTURING ENGINEERING - CIRP ICME ’19: Innovative and Cognitive Production Technology and Systems - Hotel Continental Ischia, Gulf of Naples, Italien
Dauer: 17.07.201919.07.2019
Konferenznummer: 13