Leverage points 2019: A transdisciplinary conference, inspiring change

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The conference Leverage Points 2019 attracted 500 people from all over the world, discussing interventions to create and enable radical changes towards sustainability. The 70 sessions covered the themes of rethinking knowledge, restructuring institutions, reconnecting to nature, systems thinking, transformative research practice, and emergent themes. Keynote speakers from a range of disciplines, within and outside of academia, joined us to offer their own perspectives. Through the three days, radical change emerged as the ethos of the conference, which was reflected in both the format and atmosphere of the event, and in the impact to participants. The conference originated from within the Leverage Points project, run by Leuphana University, funded by the Volkswagen Foundation. The project was inspired by Donella Meadow's essay on intervening in systems (Meadows 1997). During the past five years, 15 postdoctoral and PhD researchers, and eight professors conducted a joint project on this topic at Leuphana University. The conference was the final part of this project.

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