Information society goes east: ICT policy in the EU's eastern partnership cooperation framework

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This chapter analyses how ICT policy is reflected in the Eastern Partnership (EaP) framework and what governance instruments it employs. The analysis is based on the review of relevant policy and legal documents. The contribution traces stages of the development of the ICT policy in the EaP framework from 2009 to early 2015. The analysis indicates that the ICT policy develops in stages. Each subsequent policy programming cycle extends and expands the ICT issues across various spheres of the EaP. Thus, the ICT policy is becoming increasingly important and a mainstream policy area in the overall EaP. The chapter argues that the enhanced ICT cooperation within the EaP is linked to the growing significance of ICT in the EU internal policies promoting the Information Society and Digital Single Market. The main argument of this chapter is that to further strengthen cooperation in ICT matters within the EaP, the EU should focus on the greater involvement of stakeholders of different levels, the dissemination of information and best practices, the promotion of cooperation between the EaP partners and more flexibility through the use of various policy and governance instruments in the EaP toolbox.

TitelPolitical and Legal Perspectives of the EU Eastern Partnership Policy
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