Industry 4.0 more than a challenge in modeling, identification, and control for cyber-physical systems

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Modeling, Identification, and Control for Cyber-Physical Systems Towards Industry 4.0 studies and analyzes the role of algorithms in identifying and controlling such a system towards Industry 4.0, which is the digital transformation of manufacturing and related industries and value creation processes. Cyber-Physical Systems are network components that coordinate physical actions with each other. These autonomous systems perceive their surroundings using virtual sensors and actively influence them via virtual actuators. Adaptable and continuously evolving, these systems free up skilled workers to perform complex tasks, avoiding productivity loss and re-work. In this context, it is possible to say that we are in the presence of an epochal revolution in the industrial structure and also in the society. Digitization of business processes is progressing, sometimes with spectacular formulations. What sounds dramatic is not a quick or spontaneous overthrow. Nevertheless, the term “4.0 Industrial Revolution” points to quite far-reaching changes in industrial work processes in companies of all sizes, whether large or medium-sized. Even if everything does not happen overnight in the fourth revolution, even gradual, evolutionary changes can lead to something completely new. In this respect, the term “revolution” and the forecasts, buzzwords, and scenarios associated with it are not chosen incorrectly. If you call this revolution the “phase of digital optimization”, then you can approach the matter in a less dramatic way. Taking away fear, imparting knowledge, developing strategies, and even if it means “revolution”, nobody will have achieved the status of perfect and complete digitization overnight. But there is no question that these challenges must be taken seriously and solved – at least in industry, there will be no survival in the long term without digitization.

TitelModeling, Identification, and Control for Cyber- Physical Systems Towards Industry 4.0
HerausgeberPaolo Mercorelli, Weicun Zhang, Hamidreza Nemati, YuMing Zhang
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ISBN (Print)9780323952088
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PublikationsstatusErschienen - 01.01.2024

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