Harmonising biodiversity conservation and food security in southwestern Ethiopia

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Ensuring food security and halting biodiversity decline are two of the most urgent, interconnected challenges facing humanity in the 21st century. Drawing on both the natural and social sciences, we implemented an interdisciplinary research agenda to address these challenges.
This book summarises the findings of five years of research in southwestern Ethiopia. It covers diverse topics, from biodiversity conservation to ecosystem services, livelihoods, social equity, population growth and governance. It concludes with an outlook of what the future may hold for southwestern Ethiopia. Each chapter in the book is based on peer-reviewed empirical science, begins with a summary of key messages, and concludes with a series of recommendations for policy and practice. The book seeks to inspire and inform policymakers, scientists and other stakeholders in Ethiopia and elsewhere, aiming to provide scientifically grounded, tangible insights that can help to harmonise biodiversity conservation and food security.
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