Captopril and its dimer captopril disulfide: Photodegradation, aerobic biodegradation and identification of transformation products by HPLC-UV and LC-ion trap-MS(n)

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In some countries effluents from hospitals and households are directly emitted into open ditches without any further treatment and with very little dilution. Under such circumstances photo- and biodegradation in the environment can occur. However, these processes do not necessarily end up with the complete mineralization of a chemical. Therefore, the biodegradability of photoproduct(s) by environmental bacteria is of interest.Cardiovascular diseases are the number one cause of death globally. Captopril (CP) is used in this study as it is widely used in Egypt and stated as one of the essential drugs in Egypt for hypertension. Three tests from the OECD series were used for biodegradation testing: Closed Bottle test (CBT; OECD 301 D), Manometric Respirometry test (MRT; OECD 301 F) and the modified Zahn-Wellens test (ZWT; OECD 302 B). Photodegradation (150. W medium-pressure Hg-lamp) of CP was studied. Also CBT was performed for captopril disulfide (CPDS) and samples received after 64. min and 512. min of photolysis.The primary elimination of CP and CPDS was monitored by LC-UV at 210. nm and structures of photoproducts were assessed by LC-UV-MS/MS (ion trap). Analysis of photodegradation samples by LC-MS/MS revealed CP sulfonic acid as the major photodegradation product of CP. No biodegradation was observed for CP, CPDS and of the mixture resulting from photo-treatment after 64. min in CBT. Partial biodegradation in the CBT and MRT was observed in samples taken after 512. min photolysis and for CP itself in MRT. Complete biodegradation and mineralization of CP occurred in the ZWT.

Titel in ÜbersetzungCaptopril und sein Dimer Captoprildisulfid: Photodegradierung, aerobe Biodegradation und Identifizierung von Transformationsprodukten durch HPLC-UV und LC-Ionenfalle-MS (n)
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  • Chemie - Photolysis, Biodegradation, Aquatic environment, Dead-end metabolite, UV treatment, Angiotensin converting enzyme (ACE), inhibitor
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