Be(coming) an Ambassador of Transformative Change from the Inside Out

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Intrapersonal competency was recently added to the key competencies in sustainability framework (Brundiers et al., Sustain Sci (Online), 2020; Wiek et al., Sustain Sci 6:203–218, 2011). How it can be developed within sustainability education is yet to be explored. However, theoretically-supported and evidence-based insights from interpersonal competency development can give initial guidance. Three social theories and practices are presented as inspiration for intrapersonal competency development on the course level. These are Theory U, permaculture, and non-violent communication. A newly designed course in the field of social and sustainable entrepreneurship education serves as an example of how the often neglected inner dimension of sustainability can be actively accounted for in and even before the classroom. The potential to facilitate transformative change on both the personal and societal level is discussed. This paper can be useful for course designers and facilitators who strive for holistic change from the inside out.

TitelEducating the Sustainability Leaders of the Future
HerausgeberWalter Leal Filho, Amanda Lange Salvia, Eric Pallant, Beth Choate, Kelly Pearce
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PublikationsstatusErschienen - 11.03.2023

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