Alternative für Deutschland: From the streets to the Parliament?

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Right-wing populism is on the increase. This is a fact illustrated by the victory of Donald Trump in the most recent US presidential election, the UK’s Brexit (which was supported by right-wing populist parties and politicians), and by the rising electoral success of right-wing populist parties throughout the rest of Europe (Boros, Freitas, Kadlót, and Stetter 2017). The increasing success of right-wing populist parties is also reflected in the growing interest of the media and social scientific research. As a result of constant new publications, it is getting more and more difficult to maintain an up-to-date overview of literature regarding right-wing populism already in German-speaking countries, not to mention the large number of publications in English.
TitelRadical Right Movement Parties in Europe
HerausgeberOndřej Císař, Manuela Caiani
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VerlagRoutledge, Taylor & Francis Group (GB)
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