Active Cityship in the planning process for the future plan "More Altona"

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In this research project seminar students of cultural analysis and a master photographer developed a method of participation as a contribution to the creation of a future plan for Altona. Background is the relocation of the railway station in Hamburg Altona.The reconstruction of the station area provides a commercial and a residential site. The future plan shall help the adjacent to the new town areas to develop at the same time. The idea of preparation citizen portraits was created interdisciplinary. Content als surveys were semistructured interviews with the citizens as experts, city walks with creating visual portraits of citizens and collective design-sessions for the nortern part of the station area and the future planning of Altona-Nord. These portraits were taken from seven citizens from Altona-Nord within five to six hours.
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  • Kultur und Raum - active citizenship, collaborative Town planning, interdisciplinariy, students project