transmedial culture - A Practice-Based Research Project of Networking Art and Culture

Projekt: Transfer (FuE-Projekt)



The research intends to develop a further analysis of disruptive hacker and artistic practices in the field of network culture, but also a deeper investigation into networking as a research method through a curatorial practice-based experience within transmediale festival: the “resource transmedial culture berlin” (
The reSource transmedial culture aims to work towards the creation of a shared knowledge laboratory, and a project for local and translocal distributed networks by organising events, workshops and talks involving artists, hackers, activists, researchers and cultural producers on a local, regional and international basis.

(1) To analyse the concept of transmedial culture, investigating creative approaches across digital and analogue media, reflecting on the intersections between cultural production, networking and disruptive art practices;
(2) To reflect on the strategies of networked art and hacktivism, by developing an empirical methodology based on mutual exchanges between the members of the (post-) media art scene, cultural producers and researchers in the field of the humanities;
(3) To form practice-oriented contexts of reflection and give feedback to both theory and practice through an interdisciplinary, distributed curatorial approach.

Outcomes: To organise public events with the aim to facilitate exchange between academic and non-academic spheres of knowledge production. The outcome of these activities will be disseminated through publications with an emphasis on new types of distribution as well as on new audiovisual and performative forms.