Awareness raising of Europeans on issues of sustainability in semi-pastoral societies of developing countries: the case of the Karimojong/Pokot people in North-Eastern Uganda.

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The Karamoja campaign aimed to raise awareness in Europe about the relation between European countries and developing countries, as well as requirements for sustainable development.
The Karamoja campaign advocated for improved development policies towards pastoralists populations in Eastern Africa, in particular in Karamoja, a region located Northeast of Uganda.
The documentary film ‘’Land of Thorns: struggling for survival in Karamoja ’’, released in April 2008, launched the campaign.
Several awareness-raising events took place in six European countries until June 2009: Belgium, the Czech Republic, France, Germany the Netherlands and Switzerland. Other activities took place in Uganda.
Leuphana PhD candidate Sacha Kagan was Co-Editor of the publication „Sustainability in Karamoja? Rethinking the terms of global sustainability in a crisis region of Africa" (Rüdiger Köppe Verlag, 2009).

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