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Prof. Dr. Thorsten Aßmann

  1. 2020
  2. Elektronische Veröffentlichung vor Drucklegung

    Tree phylogenetic diversity structures multitrophic communities

    Staab, M., Liu, X., Assmann, T., Bruelheide, H., Buscot, F., Durka, W., Erfmeier, A., Klein, A. M., Ma, K., Michalski, S., Wubet, T., Schmid, B. & Schuldt, A. 02.12.2020 in : FUNCTIONAL ECOLOGY. 14 S.

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    Habitat continuity matters: Ancient woodlands tend to have higher biomass and catching rate of dung beetles, mainly driven by one large species

    Hülsmann, M., Boutaud, E., Buse, J., Frank, K., Schuldt, A. & Assmann, T. 01.01.2020 in : Acta Oecologica. 102, 7 S., 103501

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  4. 2019
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    Land-use legacy and tree age in continuous woodlands: weak effects on overall ground beetle assemblages, but strong effects on two threatened species

    Huelsmann, M., Boutaud, E., Buse, J., Schuldt, A. & Assmann, T. 06.2019 in : Journal of Insect Conservation. 23, 3, S. 623-633 11 S.

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  6. Erschienen

    Habitat specialization, distribution range size and body size drive extinction risk in carabid beetles

    Nolte, D., Boutaud, E., Kotze, D. J., Schuldt, A. & Assmann, T. 15.04.2019 in : Biodiversity and Conservation. 28, 5, S. 1267-1283 17 S.

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  7. 2018
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    Impacts of species richness on productivity in a large-scale subtropical forest experiment

    Huang, Y., Chen, Y., Castro-Izaguirre, N., Baruffol, M., Brezzi, M., Lang, A., Li, Y., Härdtle, W., Von Oheimb, G., Yang, X., Liu, X., Pei, K., Both, S., Yang, B., Eichenberg, D., Assmann, T., Bauhus, J., Behrens, T., Buscot, F., Chen, X. Y., Chesters, D., Ding, B. Y., Durka, W., Erfmeier, A., Fang, J., Fischer, M., Guo, L. D., Guo, D., Gutknecht, J. L. M., He, J. S., He, C-L., Hector, A., Hönig, L., Hu, R. Y., Klein, A. M., Kühn, P., Liang, Y., Li, S., Michalski, S., Scherer-Lorenzen, M., Schmidt, K., Scholten, T., Schuldt, A., Shi, X., Tan, M. Z., Tang, Z., Trogisch, S., Wang, Z., Welk, E., Wirth, C., Wubet, T., Xiang, W., Yu, M., Yu, X-D., Zhang, J., Zhang, S., Zhang, N., Zhou, H-Z., Zhu, C-D., Zhu, L., Bruelheide, H., Ma, K., Niklaus, P. A. & Schmid, B. 05.10.2018 in : Science. 362, 6410, S. 80-83 4 S.

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  9. Erschienen

    Biodiversity across trophic levels drives multifunctionality in highly diverse forests

    Schuldt, A., Assmann, T., Brezzi, M., Buscot, F., Eichenberg, D., Gutknecht, J., Härdtle, W., He, J-S., Klein, A-M., Kühn, P., Liu, X., Ma, K., Niklaus, P. A., Pietsch, K. A., Purahong, W., Scherer-Lorenzen, M., Schmid, B., Scholten, T., Staab, M., Tang, Z., Trogisch, S., von Oheimb, G., Wirth, C., Wubet, T., Zhu, C-D. & Bruelheide, H. 30.06.2018 in : Nature Communications. 9, 1, S. 2989 1 S., 2989

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  10. Erschienen

    Taxonomic revision of the Graphipterus serrator (Forskål) group (Coleoptera, Carabidae): an increase from five to 15 valid species

    Renan, I., Assmann, T. & Freidberg, A. 26.04.2018 in : ZooKeys. 2018, 753, S. 23-82 60 S.

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  11. Erschienen

    The pace of range expansion: a long-term study on the flightless ground beetle Carabus hortensis (Coleoptera: Carabidae)

    Völler, E., Boutaud, E. & Assmann, T. 02.2018 in : Journal of Insect Conservation. 22, 1, S. 163-169 7 S.

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  12. Erschienen

    The tiger beetles (Coleoptera, Cicindelidae) of the southern Levant and adjacent territories: From cybertaxonomy to conservation biology

    Assmann, T., Boutaud, E., Buse, J., Gebert, J., Drees, C., Friedman, A. L. L., Khoury, F., Marcus, T., Orbach, E., Renan, I., Schmidt, C. & Zumstein, P. 02.2018 in : ZooKeys. 2018, 734, S. 43-103 61 S.

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  13. 2017
  14. Erschienen

    Belowground top-down and aboveground bottom-up effects structure multitrophic community relationships in a biodiverse forest

    Schuldt, A., Bruelheide, H., Buscot, F., Assmann, T., Erfmeier, A., Klein, A-M., Ma, K., Scholten, T., Staab, M., Wirth, C., Zhang, J. & Wubet, T. 01.12.2017 in : Scientific Reports. 7, 1, 9 S., 4222

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