Markus Philipp Zimmer


  1. 2023
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    Co-Shaping an Ecosystem for Responsible AI: Five Types of Expectation Work in Response to a Technological Frame

    Minkkinen, M., Zimmer, M. P. & Mäntymäki, M., 02.2023, in: Information Systems Frontiers. 25, 1, S. 103-121 19 S.

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    Digital Workplace Transformation: Subtraction Logic as Deinstitutionalising the Taken-for-Granted

    Zimmer, M. P., Baiyere, A. & Salmela, H., 2023, in: Journal of Strategic Information Systems. 32, 1, 20 S., 101757.

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  4. 2022
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    Responsible Artificial Intelligence Systems: Critical Considerations for Business Model Design

    Zimmer, M. P., Minkkinen, M. & Mäntymäki, M., 31.12.2022, in: Scandinavian Journal of Information Systems. 34, 2, S. 113-162 50 S., 4.

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    Are We Discovering or Making Concepts? Performativity in Concept Defining

    Niemimaa, M. & Zimmer, M. P., 07.2022, PACIS 2022 proceedings. AIS eLibrary, 9 S. 1853

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    Dividing Apples and Pears: Towards a Taxonomy for Agile Transformation

    Lueg, R., Zimmer, M. P. & Drews, P., 07.2022, PACIS 2022 proceedings. AIS eLibrary, 17 S. 1435

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  8. Erschienen

    Clustering design science research based on the nature of the designed artifact

    Laine, J., Zimmer, M. P., Minkkinen, M., Salmela, H. & Mäntymäki, M., 01.01.2022, The Role of Digital Technologies in Shaping the Post Pandemic World: 21st IFIP WG 6.11 Conference on e-Business, e-Services and e-Society, I3E 2022, Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK, September 13–14, 2022, Proceedings. Papagiannidis, S., Alamanos, E., Gupta, S., Dwivedi, Y. K., Mäntymäki, M. & Pappas, I. O. (Hrsg.). Cham: Springer Schweiz, S. 254–266 13 S. (Lecture Notes in Computer Science; Band 13454).

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    Designing a Thrifty Approach for SME Business Continuity: Practices for Transparency of the Design Process

    Järveläinen, J., Niemimaa, M. & Zimmer, M. P., 01.01.2022, in: Journal of the Association for Information Systems. 23, 6, S. 1557-1602 46 S., 3.

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  10. Erschienen

    Digital–sustainable co-transformation: Introducing the triple bottom line of sustainability to digital transformation research

    Zimmer, M. P. & Järveläinen, J., 01.01.2022, Human Choice and Digital by Default: Autonomy vs Digital Determination: HCC 2022. Kreps, D., Davison, R., Komukai, T. & Ishii, K. (Hrsg.). Cham: Springer, S. 100-111 12 S. (IFIP Advances in Information and Communication Technology; Band 656).

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  11. Erschienen

    Artifacts and frames in socio-technical anticipation: The case of responsible AI

    Minkkinen, M., Mäntymäki, M. & Zimmer, M. P., 2022, 4th International Conference on Anticipation. S. 126-127 2 S.

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  12. Angenommen/Im Druck

    Digital Transformation and Institutional Work: A Paradox View

    Zimmer, M. P., Baiyere, A. & Salmela, H., 2022, (Angenommen/Im Druck) Digital Transformation: Organizational Transformation, Digital Technologies Challenges, and Change Management. Monod, E. & Jiang, Y. (Hrsg.). Information Age Publishing Inc., (Research in Management Consulting).

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