Ann-Kathrin Amsel

  1. 2021
  2. Erschienen

    Toward Application and Implementation of in Silico Tools and Workflows within Benign by Design Approaches

    Lorenz, S., Amsel, A. K., Puhlmann, N., Reich, M., Olsson, O. & Kümmerer, K., 20.09.2021, in : ACS Sustainable Chemistry and Engineering. 9, 37, S. 12461-12475 15 S.

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  3. 2020
  4. Erschienen

    Abiotic and biotic degradation of five aromatic organosilicon compounds in aqueous media: Structure degradability relationships

    Grabitz, E., Olsson, O., Amsel, A-K., Rummel, B., Mitzel, N. W. & Kümmerer, K., 15.06.2020, in : Journal of Hazardous Materials. 392, 15 S., 122429.

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