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  1. 2024
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    Digital health literacy among primary and secondary school teachers—a quantitative study

    Rangnow, P., Fischer, L., Hartmann, A., Renninger, D., Stauch, L., Okan, O. & Dadaczynski, K., 07.06.2024, in: Frontiers in Public Health. 12, 13 S., 1334263.

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    The importance of school leaders in school health promotion. A European call for systematic integration of health in professional development

    Leksy, K., Gawron, G., Rosário, R., Sormunen, M., Velasco, V., Sandmeier, A., Simovska, V., Wojtasik, T. & Dadaczynski, K., 04.01.2024, in: Frontiers in Public Health. 11, 6 S., 1297970.

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  4. 2023
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    Predictors of well-being, future anxiety, and multiple recurrent health complaints among university students during the COVID-19 pandemic: the role of socioeconomic determinants, sense of coherence, and digital health literacy. An Italian cross-sectional study

    Lorini, C., Cavallo, G., Vettori, V., Buscemi, P., Ciardi, G., Zanobini, P., Okan, O., Dadaczynski, K., Lastrucci, V. & Bonaccorsi, G., 20.09.2023, in: Frontiers in Public Health. 11, 11 S., 1210327.

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    The untapped potential of Games for Health in times of crises. A critical reflection

    Dadaczynski, K., Tolks, D., Wrona, K. J., Mc Call, T. & Fischer, F., 28.02.2023, in: Frontiers in Public Health. 11, 6 S., 1140665.

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    Digital health literacy and subjective wellbeing in the context of COVID-19: A cross-sectional study among university students in Ecuador

    Rivadeneira, M. F., Salvador, C., Araujo, L., Caicedo-Gallardo, J. D., Cóndor, J., Torres-Castillo, A. L., Miranda-Velasco, M. J., Dadaczynski, K. & Okan, O., 11.01.2023, in: Frontiers in Public Health. 10, 12 S., 1052423.

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  8. 2022
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    Assessing COVID-19-related health literacy and associated factors among school teachers in Hong Kong, China

    Lau, S. S. S., Shum, E. N. Y., Man, J. O. T., Cheung, E. T. H., Amoah, P. A., Leung, A. Y. M., Dadaczynski, K. & Okan, O., 07.12.2022, in: Frontiers in Public Health. 10, 14 S., 1057782.

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    Editorial: The Social-Ecological Context of Health Literacy

    Dadaczynski, K., Sykes, S., Biro, E. & Kosa, K., 26.04.2022, in: Frontiers in Public Health. 10, 3 S., 897717.

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  11. 2021
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    Promoting Navigation Health Literacy at the Intersection of Schools and Communities. Development of the Game-Based Intervention Nebolus

    Dadaczynski, K., Krah, V., Frank, D., Zügel-Hintz, E. & Pöhlmann, F., 17.11.2021, in: Frontiers in Public Health. 9, 11 S., 752183.

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    Addressing Health Literacy in Schools in Germany: Concept Analysis of the Mandatory Digital and Media Literacy School Curriculum

    Schulenkorf, T., Krah, V., Dadaczynski, K. & Okan, O., 05.07.2021, in: Frontiers in Public Health. 9, 9 S., 687389.

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  14. 2017
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    Supportive Mental Health Self-Monitoring among Smartphone Users with Psychological Distress: Protocol for a Fully Mobile Randomized Controlled Trial

    Beiwinkel, T., Hey, S., Bock, O. & Roessler, W., 21.09.2017, in: Frontiers in Public Health. 5, 16 S., 249.

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