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  1. 2021
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    “Take Care of You” – Efficacy of integrated, minimal-guidance, internet-based self-help for reducing co-occurring alcohol misuse and depression symptoms in adults: Results of a three-arm randomized controlled trial

    Baumgartner, C., Schaub, M. P., Wenger, A., Malischnig, D., Augsburger, M., Lehr, D., Blankers, M., Ebert, D. D. & Haug, S., 01.08.2021, in: Drug and Alcohol Dependence. 225, 10 S., 108806.

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  3. 2013
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    Internet and computer based interventions for cannabis use: A meta-analysis

    Tait, R. J., Spijkerman, R. & Riper, H., 01.12.2013, in: Drug and Alcohol Dependence. 133, 2, S. 295-304 10 S.

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