Review of Income and Wealth (Zeitschrift)

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Joachim Merz - Gutachter*in

    Begutachtung von eingereichten Manuskripten in Zeitschriften (Peer-Review): Review of income and wealth

    This paper studies the individual and household level determinants of economic insecurity in post-socialist countries. Exploring subjective, backward- and forward-looking measures of economic insecurity, the paper focuses on 1) the perceptions of affordability of primary commodities (food, clothing, medication and housing) in the past 12 months; and 2) worries about their consumption in the future. Empirical analysis is based on data from the UNDP/UNICEF Social Inclusion Survey, administered in 2009 in six transition economies (15,901 interviews). The ordered probit analysis suggests that low affordability of primary commodities and high worries about their future consumption are experienced by rural residents, people with poor health and households headed by females, less-educated and unemployed persons. In addition, low affordability is reported by people with low incomes and non-Russian ethnic minorities, while high affordability is reported by remittance receivers. Worrie s about primary commodities are more prevalent among ‘younger’ households, big city dwellers and people receiving remittances. Finally, people who have experienced lower affordability of primary commodities in the recent past report higher worries about their consumption in the future.

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